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Good gear makes a better walk

For the last X years I have pretty much the same hiking gear – ISC/Ilves Extra tights and wind-jacket and Salomon hiking shoes, recently I added Sketchers running shoes – ultra light for asphalt walks (and runs, if you are into it). I am very happy with my selection and they fit both +30 to almost -5 degrees weather. For me at least. As I got two ew things from my trip to Norway, and I already tested them, I will share it with you.

Salomon hiking shoes

Salomon iking shoes
Salomon iking shoes

Last Salomon shoes I bought, broke down like within 6 months – which is so uncommon for this brand of shoes. the front, fabric part of the shoe is broken which makes them very ugly and not water-proof anymore. So I have been thinking of getting new ones – again Salomons because they are very very comfortable and that is what you want your shoes be when you take 20+km hikes.
I found a new pair now, being in Norway. Surprisingly they were cheaper here then I would get them in Estonia. Light, water-proof and nice color with a good grip. The salesman told that he wouldn’t go to 7-mountain-hike with them, but having said that, they are more general, being also good for regular walking and running.

I took them to the test just an hour after buying them. We took the postal road of Bergen – Trondheim which was a mixture of asphalt and steep mountains and a bit of mudpools. They are brilliant! Good grip and light on the slippery asphalt and going upwards on the mountain wall. Water proof – unless you step into the mudpool up to your knee, which I did. Then the water will go in from the ankle part. But not on the surface of the shoe -for that you need to keep your foot in the water for some time (tested). The only issue I have is coming down the hill and the pain I get in my big toe – the shoes seem to be the right size but for some reason it hurts. Maybe just the first trip?

Kari Traa headband

Kari Traa headband
Kari Traa headband

I am very bad with hats and scarves but I have learnt that I do need them. So I thought I’d get something from Norway, the land of the hiking for me. Kari Traa is a famous sportswoman who has her own sports wear line here. There was a good price for headbands (again – cheaper than in Estonia, like how???). And I have to say I am very pleased. The last buff I had was too tight around my head and I always felt headache after a while, the other band I ad was too loose and kept slipping away. This one is tight enough but not too tight, kept my ears covered so the wind did not get in my ear. Perfect. Very happy!

What are your favorite hiking and walking products?

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