From my kitchen to graffiti in Tartu

After breakfast in my kitchen where I painted some hearts in blackboard-paint black I went outside to see some new sites in Tartu.

Becoming a reporter for the portal “Eesti Hetked” (Moments of Estonia) has made me see the world in another way – what is there around us that might change in the hands of time and the picture of it would be valuable to people living after us? Wouldn’t it be nice to see a picture of one place/building in the frame of 100, 200, 300 years? That is what Estonian National Museum does – collects, saves and shows how we lived and LIVE now, e.g. Estonians lived/live. And the portal asks people to send their pictures to help get the “happening today”. So. (On the right: KEKEKEKEKEK – I remember that from my childhood – it means Kolhoosi Ehitus Kontor, from the Soviet times 🙂

Today I was walking around in Vaksali, around traintracks in Tartu (I was looking for a place where we could make a videoshoot for Hu?-s upcoming video dancers competition) and this is what I found:

The first pictures are all by the train tracks in Tartu, parallel with Vaksali street. Last picture is from the Toome Tennis court building.

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