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The Man on the Mirror – Michael Jackson and his legacy

Yesterday I saw Jackson’s last movie This is it. It got me thinking on how one person with a wish, a goal, can make such a difference and get so far and yet stay a small person inside.

He has created some really powerful songs (I add some of my favorites) that really get you thinking and hopefully makes you act.

As I looked how he created This is IT tour-show, you can see how he had an eye for things that would have an impact on people, he noticed every detail, every other person that was on stage had to move the way he wanted and saw fit. The funny thing was to see all the young dancers breathing very deeply and swetting after a dance and Jackson was just fine, no energy lost… amazing.

I am a bit speechless at the moment – it has moved me deeply, not the movie, but the realization that one man can to the bones be and feel this one goal he has set. Makes me wonder again – what is my goal in this life? What is your goal? You do realize that we all can have that kind of impact?

Make that change!

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