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New cuisine tip+ Sunday in Tartu

I had the luck to meet Ilona today, who took me to the Tartu outdoor market, where I bought a thyme plant and she bought me strawberries and fresh cucumbers. I invited her to my home so I could make her lunch and ´I found a good extra to the salad Estonians love so much during summer -cucumber-tomato-sour-cream salad.

Take tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, cut them in ok pieces, add sour cream AND! now the new part – fresh basil! Especially those who do not like salt added in the salad. Basilic is my favourite herb. I even have one plant growing on my window.

You do know the salad that consists of tomatoes, garlic and basil (+ a bit of olive oil). Ohh! The best!

Both are very healthy, too.
Bon appetit!

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