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The simplest thing you haven’t thought about that creates elite performance

How come some are better at their sport, work, creations?

Talents are sought after. Luckily, talent is not something fixed, it can be developed. We consider talented person to be someone who is better at something, be it sport, languages, being a better communicator or leader, at arts or in finances. Someone who seems to be better than anyone else and seems to be better with ease, like everything is simple for them.

How to prepare for elite performance?

What is behind that “better performance”? Can you be better? I am sure that you know you can. How come experts in sports or any other field know how to act quicker, anticipate situations and thus perform better and more efficiently? They have accumulated systems throughout deliberate training that allows them to make such decisions on situational cues.
Deliberate training means that you have a goal, what you want to practice, where you want to get better and you will do it regularly, in full awareness. You will analyse your experiences and skills and know exactly how you have reached a certain level of skill and what you need to do to go further.
The simplest way to being better is to start being open about new skills, gaining them, learning and experiencing different things. This, though seemingly random – and usually being random for most, is the key to being better at anything you do.

Creating conditions for elite performance?

The best advice is to start experimenting with different skills, techniques, and tactics within your sport or field of expertise. This will create the opportunity to innovate, improvise, and respond strategically. Why? Because having experimented with different skills creates a knowledge base for you to derive information from. The more you have experienced, the better decisions you can make. This helps anticipate the competitions’ actions, evaluate the situation and decide about what tools you have available that can help you perform precisely this moment.

Variety of skills and experience also gives you opportunity to be more creative and find solutions where others don’t.

Luckily adding skills today is a possibility for everyone. Be open, try out and analyse, how you can use the gained knowledge to better perform? It all has to be evaluated, analysed and deliberately added to your skill-set for optimum performance.

This – courageously experimenting and deliberately training – is the key at the elite level to re-create necessary conditions that help you succeed and get an edge.

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