Kayaking training weekly round-up: 51km with Vajda

#7 Monday

I planned to have a thorough kayaking ergo session as the weather was a bit cold and I have learnt that there’s no point in getting sick – that only leads to less trainings. Unfortunately the ergo was taken away for few days so I could not do that. Instead I did an interval type of training for abs, back and triceps. And of course some sweet ol’ rowing ergo. Still have sweet memories of the rowing ergo challenge.

#8 Wednesday

Vajda 1.30 h, 11.1 km. It was a bit windy, but nice. I got confirmation that I need to kayak often – the “fluency” goes away quickly so I need to keep practicing. That day I wanted to stay close to the base, so I did several rounds within 1.5km and did a lot of crossings of the river as this still causes some fear sometimes. But at the end of the training it was pretty fun to speed up, do sharp turns and play around. I was completely soaked afterwards and as the wind grew my hands got cold.

30 km more and then it is time to try out Nelo again …

#9 Friday

I am keeping my motivation high and try to build the stamina and strength and balance at the same time. Luckily the weather is going warmer as well and that helps a LOT. Friday was a bit chilly so I thought that I may hit the gym but when I saw all the people going on the water, I couldn’t help myself. And I am glad I did go on the water. I did feel a bit shaky at first as there had been one day between. I did 1.47h and 12.5km. My hands were freezing at the end of it but it was well worth it.

#10 Saturday


When I get a goal in mind, it is hard not to go after it. I needed to get 50km before Monday so I could start the new week in new boat. Nelo. It will be lot of sitting trainings 🙂 but at least it will be a step forward. Today Facebook reminded me that 1 year ago I was also on Emajõgi, also kayaking. That time it was hiking kayak. Clearly there is progress (I have to keep reminding myself that because of the upcoming training will be self-esteem breaking :D).

Today was rather warm, Rait helped me get the boat down to the river and off I went. It was smooth paddling straigth away. That is why I need to go kayaking every day so I wouldn’t have relapses! My mind was set on the missing 16,5km. And to paddle in the middle of the river as much as possible (yes, that’s a thing for me). It felt good! Body felt relaxed, paddle went in strongly, hands were warm.

I had two choices. To do many short rounds or try to do as long one way up the river as possible. At first I thought I take the small rounds, but as I paddled and felt confident I didn’t want to stop. First I got to the 2,5km point, then 5km … just a bit more? Yes, please. I did a bit more, got to the train bridge at 6,3 km and then headed back (there is usually a small current under that bridge so I decided not to try it out).

View to the train bridge - that's the furthest I have gone this year
View to the train bridge – that’s the furthest I have gone this year

Ice still on the shores
Ice still on the shores

Had to do some more circles but these were great to speed up. Got back to the base using 2h 18min for 17.1km. Yes, I thought I will do just a bit more. All in all, it was a great training, all my muscles were hurting. Average speed was 7.4 km/h, max 10.4. Its a good start. Now it is time to feel as confident in Nelo. That’s what all my next weeks and months are going to be about. I am thinking of changing my training plan so that I would have to train a bit every day. That seems to work better.

Time to move on!

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